45 miles of Bongo

>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

I've created a new route that I would like to share with anyone that would like to join me on a killer route that will destroy your legs.

Click here for more detail

The route starts in West Seattle, goes through the heart of Seattle up a neverending ascent up Jackson Street, then goes around Mercer Island. Once around Mercer, you can stop at washrooms and fill your water up because guess what? You are only halfway done. Go back to the Sound, across to West Seattle and loop around the North End of Alki. For the finish take an uninteresting ride through an industrial area to the killer climb known as Highland Park drive. Next to Montreax, this thing will leave you spent.


STP in a day - epilogue

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

RAD and I got up at 03:15, ate breakfast and drove up to meet the team at 04:30. Nothing like doing an all day ride on 4 hours sleep!

Felt pretty good riding in the morning, Spiz got a flat but overall everything was going smoothly. We ate and rested in Centralia, but soon encountered pretty strong headwinds and most notably the heat! It was 30C outside but felt like 40 on the bike. Frequent water stops helped.

There were plenty of stops, by estimate I ate 6 Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 3 turkey wraps, 10 bananas, 6 slices of Banana bread, 10 Fig newtons, 10 Oreos, 5 SweetNSalty bars, 2 Cliff bars, 2 oranges, 2 Gels, 5 bottles of Gatorade, and 10 bottles of water.

We crossed the finish at 8:45p and after stopping to change at the hotel, I enjoyed some tequila and Pork sliders.

Yes, we look like dorks but c'mon, it 05:00 at this point...


2 days before the Seattle to Portland (STP)

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another sold out event at Cascade so there will be 10,000 riders to contend with on Saturday at 05:00, I'll definitely need a coffee before the race.

I've set a goal this year of riding the STP in a day. It's 330 km and most will ride this in two days. I am one of the insane 2500 riders that will attempt in a single day.
The good news is that the ride is very organized and there are plenty of stops for food and rehydration. I've also trained for this cause I think it will be a long day in the saddle. Hope to finish in under 12 hours.

Team Bike Run Swig consists of The Guth, Spiz, RAD, Suzie, and myself. We will meet at Suzie's at 04:30 (like I said, I'll need coffee!) and bike over to Husky Stadium for pictures and the start.

Pack List:
Bike Shoes
Shorts and BRS Jersey
iPod Shuffle
2 Gels/Bars
2 Bottles Gatorade
ID and $$
Spare tube
Tire levers
Race Packet with bib number


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