Meal preparation in the 21st century

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working at Microsoft, I'm seeing an interesting work culture/phenomenon that I've now adopted.

Rather than go out to lunch with folks (getting off campus would involve driving), apart from eating in the MS cafeteria, 80% of the folks here eat at their desk.

Remember the days when you actually prepared a meal from scratch?  Reheating that would be gourmet compared to what some of the folks eat here (myself included).  I actually saw one of my team workers eat 6 slices of white bread for lunch (nothing else - and yes, I counted 6 slices).

I think my favourite lazy observation has got to be the microwave dinners.  They are so easy to prepare, one of the instructions on my dinner said heat on high for 3 minutes, return, stir, then heat for another minute and let sit for one more minute.  Five minutes and you are all set!  Unless you do what a lazy programmer would do and heat on high for 5 minutes straight, burn your mouth, and complain that the prep instructions are too involved.

Welcome to the 21st century...


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