Beginning a S#arp architecture ASP MVC 3 solution

>> Friday, November 4, 2011

I've used a lot of blogs in order to piecemeal together a S#arp architecture solution and here are the steps involved.

Why use S#arp architecture?  Well, you could try various architectures, I am currently working a Unity/nHibernate/Fluid NHibernate solution, but it takes so long to set up, whereas S#arp is first of all a great setup, but also very simple to install and setup the project.

1. Download and install T4 Templater (choose Typical install)
The templater allows you to have VS templates such as S#arp.

2. Get Templify. It's a great tool to deploy your S#arp architecture solution, it even comes with the S#arp template ready to go.

3. This step is optional.  You can a Visual Studio template editor for more pizzazz.

4. To insure you have the latest S#arp template, might as well install the latest Templify template from here:

5. Using Windows Explorer, create a folder where you want your new MVC project to go.  Right click on the folder and select "Templify Here".  You will be shown the following screen and it will guide you to create your project.  Be patient as it sets it up...

Compile and run your project.  You may have to specify an NHibernate DB login to proceed.  You now have the template compiled and running!  You should see the following and be ready to start coding:


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