Finally made it to Toronto!

>> Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wow. Think of the worst flight you were ever on and I had a much worse flight yesterday. It didn't start out well since because of mechanical problems the flight was an hour delayed. It should have been a warning because an hour into our flight everyone was woken up by the pilot announcing we were making a landing in Great Falls, Montana since one engine has run out of oil and may stop. Then we were stuck in the plane with a 1 1/2 year old for over 3 hours since there was nobody at the airport to let us out! The pilot said they were going to fly a plane in from SLC, but that would be a few hours before anything would happen. We finally got let out, but then the SLC flight was also delayed for an hour! We also missed our connection in Cincinnati and couldn't get on the next one since it was full. A lot of the passengers were yelling, swearing, (one lady was sobbing). We finally got on another flight that took us to Toronto at 6pm the next day, almost 24 hours after we left Seattle.

I'm not looking forward to the plane ride to Budapest tomorrow, but will be glad when I can kick back and relax.

It's been great spending time with my parents and enjoying my mom's cooking, I almost have my sleep caught up for the trip (almost).

Next post will be from Europe,


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