>> Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally made it to Budapest, the flight itself was uneventful, but getting there was close. We got caught in a storm on the way to the airport and the border crossing was slow. I can still picture my poor dad clutching the wheel and weaving through traffic in the torrential downpour. The airport was angry at us for arriving so late but hey - we made it.

Budapest is a great city, I can see why it is often overlooked as a travel destination though. No single building is the Eighth wonder, but all the old buildings and architecture are really amazing. I could wander around for hours. The language is very difficult to speak, we are struggling. I have figured out a few words to get me by, but we constantly get blank stares.

Our hostel is a private dorm hosted by Maria and Istiban, luckily they speak a little English and can help us out. Today 3 Swedish woman are checking into the room next to us. My imagination has gone wild, but Chantelle told me to calm down, she is expecting 3 retirees. I am still holding out hope though. :)

This morning we figured out a train to Slovakia tomorrow, we hope to be in the mountains by tomorrow.

Sorry no pictures todaz, the computer we are on does not have a USB connection.


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