>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I finally have time to write, so much has happened. Yesterday started out as the day from hell, we caught a streetcar to the trainstation, but going the wrong way. We finally realized this and with our terrible Hungarian eeked out a conversation with someone to explain where we were supposed to go. That's when the fun began. After getting to the station with our heavy packs, we ran all over the place to find where to get tickets. We were weaving through caverns due to construction, waited in line, and were told to take a ticket. No problem - still 10 min before our train leaves. Wait in line again, buy our tickets, but which platform do we go to? The guy doesn't know, he says to wait in the other line. No problem, still 5 minutes left so we wait in line. The agent says platform 2, so we go to what we think is platform 2, (the platforms are poorly labeled) and get on the empty train. We wait 5 more minutes, go back to the agent and she says "Hurry, your train must be leaving!", we run out, ask a few more people why the train to Kosice is not moving and nobody knows. Turns out after asking the 5th person that we were standing at the wrong platform (I guess they just know) and we missed our train by 5 minutes. So we now had to wait a few hours to the next one.

We had some errands to run since Chantelle thought she left her book at a restaurant the night before but on the way back to the train station we got busted for failing to pay for metro. We actually had a ticket, but it wasn't valid for transfers. They held us and took our passports so we wouldn't run, and we had to pay an $80 fine to get out of the mess - almost missing our train.

Once we got on the train our day completely changed. Beautiful Hungarian and Slovakian countryside led us to Kosice where we caught another train to the medevil town of Levoča. We wandered around at night, had a great Slovakian dinner and hung out with the young crowd in a cool pub afterwards. I had a shot of Slivovica, a very Czech liquor made from plums.

This morning we took a bus to PodPišs, a little town at the base of the šspiskzy Hrad (huge castle). The castle is enormous and you can freely walk around the grounds and check out the rooms and dungeon. The day was very hot and the lunch of beer, cheese, bread, and chocolate we brought with us hit the spot. It was very non-touristy, in fact, the only tourists were the Czechs! I haven't heard english or german for a couple of days now.

I'll try and upload some pictures, until next time...


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