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>> Friday, July 4, 2008


I am in the High Tatras today and it is drizzling pretty much all day. Getting here was pretty interesting though. We took a bus to Poprad yesterday and wanted to find a place to stay. We were told to near the base of the mountain to a place called Nova Lesna. We took an electrica (electric train/tram) to the small town and a gypsy woman approached us if we needed a place to stay. We said yes and she took us to a dark corner of the town and showed us an awful room. We tried to leave and she got very upset, I was starting to wonder if we were safe! We found a nicer place down the road and set up for the night. We went to the main town and had a great dinner and drank with the locals.

The next morning we were up an ready for our hike. We tried to find the Penzion owner to pay and give the keys back, but she was gone to do her laundry! (her neighbour told us). We finally pounded hard on the door and the owners mom came to the door and took our money, but had to ask the neighbours for change (very strange scene).

Unfortunately a storm came in and the weather is not very good, you can't see the beautiful mountains that are right in front of us. We have even skipped our hike today, maybe after dinner a short hike, not sure.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Slovakia, but we are hoping to catch one of the few buses to the Polish border where we will walk across where another bus will take us to Zakopane, Poland.

Davi den,


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